Freedom to Customize

You select your wall colors, floor treatments, draperies, pictures, and more to create a comfortable space for your family. So why limit yourself to stock commodity furniture created for the market place? Certified real wood retailers have the sources, experience, and services to help you fulfill your vision for your home.

Think Outside of the Drawer...

Think Outside the Drawer

You have an odd corner that is wasted space. You have a new king bed and can't find a night stand to fit in the smaller space now available. You have clutter and need to organize but are discouraged by the cost, disruption, and permanency of built-in storage.

Solving problems like these are routine for certified real wood furniture retailers. They will help you find the perfect piece, modify it, if required, to fit your space, and then finish it to match or complement your other furnishings. Bookcases and cabinets, made and finished to your specifications, can be installed in an hour to look built-in while being as portable as the rest of your furniture.

This versatility is only possible with custom finished or unfinished furniture made with real wood.  See "About Real Wood Furniture" for more.

Permission Granted to Get What You Really Want!

fabulous wood finishes

Our manufacturers offer a full line of real wood items with multiple options to modify dimensions and configuration. This approach eliminates the high cost of designing from scratch. Adjusting dimensions provides the ideal fit for your space while configuration options add doors, drawers, and other features to meet your specific needs.

Dimension and configuration are just the start. You can often choose from different woods and style options to complete your design. The homespun look of shaker or cottage, the formality of traditional, or the simplicity of contemporary styles are all possibilities. You can also create your own look by changing moldings or selecting a door style to match or complement your other furnishings.

Custom finished color possibilities are unlimited. See "Fabulous Finishes."