Fabulous Finishes

Color is a major element in our perception of everything. The use of color is a very effective way of achieving the feeling you want for each area of your home. The colors chosen for your custom finished furniture are important elements in this perception.

Any Color As Long As It Is... Any Color!

Whitewood Kitchen

Henry Ford's first ever assembly line offered "any color as long as it is black." With the dominance of imports now in furniture stores, this limitation is often still the case today.

Certified real wood retailers offer unfinished furniture that is "ready to finish." With this approach you can custom finish from a wide choice of factory finishes, have the retailer finish the item just as you want it, or do it yourself. These options offer unlimited possibilities for achieving the perfect look for any room.

Define your own style. There are so many creative options to choose from: natural, stain, paint, or a combination. The color palette is unlimited. Techniques such as stenciling, glazing, or distressing really make it personal and unique.

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New Eco-Friendly Finishes to Inspire Creativity

Inspire creativity

Recent developments with water-based finishes allow soap and water cleanup, 2 to 3 hour drying times, and consistent high quality results while eliminating VOC emissions and fire hazards. Many certified real wood retailers can provide safe, odorless spray-booth finishing right in the store.

Computerized paint color-matching is now available to assure a perfect result the first time and later when adding additional pieces to your room.

If you prefer the satisfaction of creating your own look, these new products work just as well when applied by hand at home. Safe, odorless, fast drying, and easy clean up minimizes disruption and can be applied in any room of the house.