Real Wood Furniture FAQ

YES - You can determine the size, configuration, custom finish, and style of your real wood furniture!

There... we have answered your first question.

For some reason, people feel that they have to settle for what is available in stores and catalogs when shopping for furniture. This is not the case with the real wood custom fininshed and unfinished furniture offered by Authentic Home Furnishings Association certified retailers.

These “Frequently Asked Questions” will supplement information provided on other pages of this site.

We are confident that an understanding of these fundamentals will encourage you to explore the exciting possibilities available for furnishing every room in your home with real wood furniture that you visualize to fit your lifestyle.

About Real Wood

bulletWhat is meant by Real Wood Furniture?
bulletWhat is meant by Solid Wood Furniture?
bulletWhat is veneer?
bulletHow do Hardwoods and Softwoods differ?
bulletWhen is plywood a good idea?
bulletWhat is particleboard and MDF?

About Real Wood Furniture Construction

bulletDoes price reflect quality?
bulletWhat are the advantages of Real Wood furniture?
bulletWhat are the differences in drawer construction?
bulletWhat are the differences in door construction?
bulletHow can I tell if a piece is made of real wood?

About Buying From an AHF Certified Retailer

bulletHow do I recognize an AHF Certified Retailer?
bulletDoes furniture from Certified Retailers require assembly?
bulletWill I have to do my own finishing?
bulletHow long should it take to receive my furniture?
bulletIs certified real wood furniture all made in America?
bulletHow much more does it cost to custom-design my furniture?
bulletHow much more does it cost to have my furniture custom-finished?
bulletWhat is the environmental impact of buying real wood Furniture?
bulletWhat is the economic impact of buying from a certified retailer?

About Finishing Real Wood Furniture

bulletWhy would I want to finish my own furniture?
bulletIs finishing furniture hard to do?
bulletIs special equipment required to finish furniture?
bulletIs it safe to finish furniture in my home?

About Caring for Real Wood Furniture

bulletWhat precautions should I take to protect my real wood furniture?
bulletHow should I care for my real wood furniture?
bulletAre there simple repairs I can make to fix minor problems?