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Certified members of the Authentic Home Furnishings Association are advocates for consumers by providing assurance that they are purchasing real wood furniture from a retailer committed to meeting their personalized home furnishing needs.

Real Quality Is More Than "Skin Deep."

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Dominance in the US furniture market of particleboard and other wood substitutes concealed by veneers presents a challenge to consumers seeking to make informed purchasing decisions. Further, the dependence on foreign manufacturing of furniture for the US market has significantly reduced consumers' choice of color, dimension, and other options.

Since 1990, the Authentic Home Furnishings Association's certified manufacturers and retailers have provided consumers with authentic real wood custom finished and unfinished furniture choices and extensive opportunities to personalize items purchased to meet their individual home furnishings requirements.

Association Certification Standards

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Eligibility for certification is a prerequisite for membership as a retailer or manufacturer in the Authentic Home Furnishings Association.

Certified manufacturers and retailers must feature accurately identified real wood furniture (see sidebar for the Association’s official definition of real wood furniture). A portion of the real wood items offered must be available unfinished to be custom finished or finished by the consumer and/or customized with choices in color, wood species, dimensions, or styling.

Certified Association members have demonstrated their knowledge of authentic furniture woodworking and design characteristics and are authorized to designate qualifying products with the official Association hang tag.

You get much more than a box when you buy from a Certified Authentic Home Furnishings Association retailer. You get the knowledge, experience, and genuine concern for your satisfaction that only a local business can provide before, during, and after your purchase.