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Real Wood Furniture...Finished Your Way!
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Create Your Design

Creating Your Personalized Design
Today, rooms need to multi-task. Take the living room, for example. Sure it's the company gathering spot when entertaining, but it also often serves as the family/TV room. So a handsome wall unit that showcases attractive collectibles and incorporates your large screen TV and audio equipment, plus all those discs and tapes, becomes a necessity. wallunit
Then, too, a place to pay bills and catch up on correspondence, as well as filing important documents, would be helpful. And while we're assessing living room needs, keep in mind that this space, with its comfortable seating, is perfect for relaxing and curling up with a good book, so the wall unit should be part bookcase, as well.

wallunitThat's a lot to ask for from one piece of furniture, not to mention that the piece needs to fit into a specific space, possibly filling one wall, from floor to ceiling, or maybe running across a long low area under the windows or around a fireplace.

You want to take full advantage of the available width, height and depth so you get the most use from that wall unit.

But that's not a lot to ask for when you shop at a certified Real Wood Furniture Finished Your Way® retailer. Here you'll find an enormous selection of wall units, bookcases, cabinets, tables, desks, and more, furniture for every room in the house. And, happily, you don't have to settle for just what's available. While some retailers can actually build a piece from your sketch, most will certainly alter existing designs, adjusting height, width and depth to suit your needs. wallunit
Desk Sketch by Retailer

Custom Finished Desk

And changing dimensions is just the start of personalizing that wall unit, or anything else ordered from a Real Wood Furniture Finished Your Way® retailer.


You can, for example:

bullet add molding to doors, giving them a paneled lookwallunit
Before wall unit
bullet change solid wood doors to glass, for a handsome decorative effect
bullet eliminate doors completely, leaving open sections for display
bullet add shelves to that open space and lighting to showcase your collectibles
bullet substitute drawers for doors, creating storage space to suit your needs
bullet include a flip-down desktop and a filing cabinet for an unobtrusive but useful mini office area
bullet ease entertaining chores with the addition of stemware racks and wine storagewallunit
After wall unit
bullet select a handsome crown molding to unite a wall of bookcases, giving the unit a built-in look, while preserving the flexibility of moving individual bookcases to different rooms as your needs change

wallunitMoving into other rooms, you can alter ready-to-finish furnishings so that they, too, meet needs that are unique to you and the space. Choose a kitchen island to make food preparation easier, for instance, and then customize it with drawers and cabinets sized to store your equipment. If you wish, you can order the island without a top so you can match the surface to the existing countertops in your kitchen.

Take advantage of a foyer, hallway or bedroom alcove with a storage cabinet that has been sized to fit perfectly in the available space. A bedroom armoire or dresser can not only be sized to fit, but drawers and cabinets can be reworked to provide more hanging space or shelving as needed. And with just a few changes, a bedroom bookcase can do double duty, becoming the perfect TV stand, as well.

wallunitOther possibilities include compartmentalizing a blanket chest for the bedroom so that it maximizes storage space, neatly holding pillows and linens as well as extra blankets and throws, or outfitting the drawers of a small bathroom cabinet with dividers so you can find cosmetics and bathing supplies at a glance.

So keep in mind, that when you shop at a Real Wood Furniture dealer, what you see in the store and on-line is just the tip of the iceberg. With these quality retailers you are not limited to what you see, but you can get just what you want and need. At a "Real Wood Furniture Finished Your Way®" store, the furniture you get is most definitely furniture just your way.

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